How to plant a cactus in your garden

Gardening is a very rewarding experience, it gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful, that process of creating a place full of beauty and life is wonderful, and the result will give peace, serenity, inspiration and much more, it fills your soul with the magic of life that mother nature freely gives to all of us.


Gardens are special places and they come in many styles and sizes, since the absolutely stunning gardens that we see around the world as major tourist attractions till the cozy and beautiful small one in your yard, it doesn’t matter if you plant your own garden or if you use a service for landscape design, the result is always amazing in its own way.


Cactus a beautiful and easy option for your garden


Cacti are amazing, beautiful and slightly dangerous plants because their sharp spines, they also are very easy to maintain, they can thrive in both outdoor and indoor gardens, you can plant them in pots or directly on the soil, they will grow and blossom, giving you an amazing view, your garden will have an incredible style with this plants that are highly recommended to persons that don’t have a lot of experience with gardening or time to dedicate.


There are some characteristics of cacti you should know, for example:


  • They have shallow roots.
  • They come in colors that range from green to gray to near blue, they also come in varied shapes and sizes.
  • They grow slowly and have a long life expectancy.
  • They can store water in their roots, stems and leaves, so being frozen is dangerous for them.
  • They require a soil rich in nutrients that drain quickly.


Tips to plant a cactus in your garden


  • First decide the kind of cactus you want and its location inside or outside your home, take in count that they grow slowly so give it plenty of room to grow, and avoid place it where its spines may represent a danger for people, also take in count that in very wet places or in areas with frost you may need a shelter for your cactus garden, in outdoor gardens, place your cactuses near plants with similar needs.
  • If you use a container you don’t need a deep pot or a very large one, because the shallow roots.
  • The drainage is very important for cactuses, too much water can kill them, so spread a layer a small pebbles or gravel in the bottom of container and top it with some potting mix designed for cacti, avoid decorate with mulch because it can cause too much water and heat retention in the top of the soil,  use crushed stones instead, use terracotta containers, they let water evaporate faster than other materials.
  • Make the soil richer in nutrients, you can add approximately 50% of  coarse sand or grit and up to 10% compost to garden soil or purchased topsoil for a nutrient-rich and fast-draining mix.