How to keep your grass in the best shape

Gardening can be a tough activity sometimes, nevertheless no matter how much attention we pay to our flowers, bushes and trees, there’s always a vast majority of space occupied by an enormous green sheet made out of grass. Yes, grass is the main face of our garden, which means that we must take proper care of it to maintain a nice appearance. Do you want to know how? Don’t miss these following tips to keep your grass in the best shape.

First of all, always use sharp blades when cutting your grass, this will guarantee an even and clean cut to grass, while dull blades shred grass instead of cutting it, this damages the leaves and makes it more subtle to suffer diseases and require more nutrients than normally to repair the damage. Also, keep in mind that blades must be balanced since unbalanced ones are the main trouble on low maintenance that causes dullness.

Once you’re sure your blades are sharp and balanced, it’s time to adjust them depending on the time of the year, basically due to weather conditions. For example, during winter or cold temperatures, grass should be around 1.5 inches tall in order to allow the crowns of the grass plants receive more sunlight and keep warm. Moving on to warmer seasons, grass should be around 2 inches or maybe a little more to protect the crowns. If you live on a place with warm weather conditions along the entire year, then adjust your blades to cut half inch less than the previously mentioned heights respectively.

Keep in mind that if you let your grass grow a lot, you’ll need to adjust the height of your mower to remove just the top third of your grass because that part is pretty thin compared to the bottom two thirds, meaning that it will decompose quicker if cut. An interesting fact of the top third of your grass is that it will provide an amazing amount of the nitrogen that your grass needs to grow healthy. Once you cut the top third, don’t rake the clippings, since they’ll help your soil retain more water by avoiding evaporation and won’t leave available space for weeds to grow. So, if your targeted height is 1.5inches, cut it when it reaches around 2.2 inches.

If you followed all our trimming advice, you’ll have a thick lawn that doesn’t leave space or sunlight to let any weed, but that’s not enough. You have to get rid of weed during the early stages of spring and summer to avoid the development of deep roots. Some weed are better to attack before they blossom, others during its early stages of growing, so you’ll have to keep that in mind while choosing a herbicide. Also, fertilize your grass as soon as spring starts to help it develop nice roots and assure a healthy growing.

Those tips were the basics of a healthy lawn, apply them and you’ll have a beautiful green carpet covering your garden.